Heads of Departments


Ms. Mbungu Jane

Head of Academics department.                          

She is one of the may greatest teachers we have, she also teaches Mathematics and Geography.


Mr. William C. Malusha

Head of Sciences department. He is one of the many teachers we have that also teaches Maths and Physics


Mr. Wambugu

Head of Mathematics department.   He also teaches maths and Physics in this school  together with Mr William Malusha. 



Head of Languages department. She is one of the best teachers when it comes to languages since she also teaches English and Literature


Mrs. Florence Chiku

Head of Humanities department.  She also teaches  two subjects which are CRE  and History


Mr. Siwo F. Nyapata

Head of Technical department,  who also teaches mathematics and Computer studies

Quality Assurance and Standards


Head of Quality Assurance and Standards   who also teaches CRE and Kiswahili.

Guidance and Counseling department

Mr. Mwilu Julius

Head of Guidance and Counseling department, he is one of the many bes teaches we have that also teaches Mathematics

Games and Sports

Mr. Njenga Wilson

Head of Games and Sports department. He also teaches Chemistry and Biology.

Students Affairs


Head of Students Affairs, he  also teaches

Geography and  IRE