Message from the Principal

The introduction of website for the school is a necessity in line with vision 2030. In this era of ICT, the school cannot afford  to be left behind in terms of Information Technology. A website is a necessity to inform the stakeholders and the public about the school. As the saying goes “Information is empowerment”. If parents, stakeholders and even former students know what is going on in the school, they will wish to be identified with it, and more so own it. On the website, all information put in will be public to all. We will be happy to get some in put from members who visit our website. we will be grateful to answer any question from the website visitors. We encourage an suggestions on how to improve the school in terms of discipline, academic performance and any other suggestion of benefit to the school. In the website, KCSE results will be posted there immediately they are released by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC). Admission forms will be available in the website of which they can be filled for those wishing to join the school as long as they have the qualifications expected. However the management will reserve the right of admission depending on the chances available. Also in the website parents can access the performance of their students without visiting the school to cut expenses of travelling. Tononoka Secondary School is ready and willing to serve all members of the public without favor. You are all welcome to TONONOKA SECONDARY SCHOOL.

Mr. Noor


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